Privacy Notice and Consent Statement

Thank you for your interest in working with Westinghouse. 
We recognize the importance of protecting and are committed to protecting the information of all applicants. Westinghouse will make every effort to ensure that your information is secure and protected with us and would like to provide you with the following information regarding how your information will be processed, who will have access to your information, and how you can modify or delete your personal information within our system. 

Please read the following Privacy Notice in its entirety. 
Westinghouse recognizes that certain laws may require stricter standards than those described in this Privacy Notice. Westinghouse will always handle Personal Data in accordance with the applicable laws.

For purposes of this Privacy Notice, “Westinghouse” means jointly and severally Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, having its principal place of business at 1000 Westinghouse Drive, Cranberry Township, PA 16066, Westinghouse Electric UK Holdings Limited and their affiliates that are identifiable on our website, and that (individually, as your potential employer), together with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, are the data controllers of the personal information collected about you during the recruitment process. 

1. What Personal Data does Westinghouse collect and use?
"Personal Data" means any information about yourself that you provide upon creation of your Account, when you submit your resume/CV, and any subsequent information supplied by you in connection with any application. It also includes any information obtained from third parties throughout the recruitment process, such as, where appropriate and consistent with applicable law, employment agencies, prior employers, personal and professional references.
The Personal Data will include:

•    Personal information, identification data and contact information (such as first name, last name, email address, country of residence, citizenship, government identification numbers);
•    information needed to create your online account (such as username, password);
•    all information that may be included in your Resume /CV (such as information about education, employment and training, including your position, job title, working time information, work location, department, level, salary, education history and qualifications)

No sensitive personal information as defined under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”) – such as medical and/or drug screening, disability status or criminal records - is collected unless it is specifically required for compliance with applicable laws. 
As an exception, for diversity analysis purposes ethnicity is collected about applicants for job positions in the UK, also in account of the ethnicity reporting obligations applicable to workforce. To such end, the applicants to job positions in the UK will be asked to consent to the processing of data about ethnicity.
Ethnicity is collected also about US citizens, but it not a mandatory information. 
Apart from those exceptions, Westinghouse does not collect for recruitment other kind of sensitive data such as race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical, or moral beliefs, trade union membership, sexual life, or sexual orientation, biometric information or genetic data.
We wish to highlight that other types of personal information may be considered sensitive under other applicable laws on data protection. As an example, the government identification numbers, that will be collected to create the personal Account, are considered sensitive personal information under the China Cybersecurity Law.

2. Use of your Personal Data
Your Personal Data will be used to create your personal Account, to communicate with you, to send you the Job Alerts that you may wish to request, and for recruitment and selection purposes if you apply for job position. If you are chosen to move forward in the recruitment process, your personal information may also be used in connection with your employment relationship with us and in such case you will be provided with a dedicated privacy notice describing how your Personal Data will be used for your employment. If you are not chosen to move forward in the recruitment process, you will be in the position to apply for other opportunities and Westinghouse’s Human Resources may also contact you to submit possible opportunities. 
For more details on how Personal Data are collected an processed on Westinghouse websites we invite you to read our online privacy statement.

3. Access to Your Personal Data
Your Personal Data will be hosted by SuccessFactors (that is an SAP company), with servers located in the USA (and Chandler, AZ). 
In general terms, Westinghouse will transfer your Personal Data, hosted by SuccessFactors, to Westinghouse employees responsible for, or specifically involved in, the recruitment process. Because Westinghouse is a global company with headquarters at Westinghouse Electric Company LLC in Cranberry Township (USA), you are able to submit for employment in countries other than where you currently reside and, therefore, for recruitment purposes the Personal Data you have provided may be transferred to Westinghouse Electric Company LLC and other Westinghouse locations around the world. 
Your Personal Data will be shared only with the SuccessFactors provider and with those third party companies with whom we conduct business throughout the recruitment process and who require access to your Personal Data to do so (such as the vendors that may be engaged for the background and medical checks, where required by applicable laws). All third party vendors participating in Westinghouse’s recruitment process are required not to use your Personal Data for any unauthorized purposes and to adequately secure your Personal Data by adopting adequate technical, organizational, and legal steps.

You will be required to expressly consent to the cross-border transfer of your Personal Data entailed by the global nature of Westinghouse. 

4. Data Security
Westinghouse has implemented appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security measures designed to secure your Personal Data against accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration, or disclosure. In addition, access to Personal Data is limited to those employees that have a need for such access for recruitment and selection purposes, as described in this Privacy Notice. 
Also, Westinghouse takes all necessary measures to ensure that cross border transfers of Personal Data are adequately protected as required by applicable data protection laws.  This includes using appropriate safeguards such as the EU Model Data Protection Contractual Clauses for Data transfers outside of the European Economic Area.  

5. Retention of Your Personal Data
For those applying to a job position available in the European Economic Area, your Account and all Personal Data thereto will be deleted if it is not updated for two (2) years, except where there is a statutory obligation that requires otherwise. For those applying to job positions available elsewhere in the world, your Account and the Personal Data thereto will be deleted if not updated for four (4) years unless needed for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements in accordance with applicable local law and regulations. If you would like your Personal Data to remain in our application system, you are encouraged to update your Personal Data by logging into your Account.
6. Updating or Removing your Personal Data and How to exercise Your Rights
You may edit the Personal data you have provided by selecting the “Edit your profile” option on your homepage or by applying to a new opening. 
However, you may only submit your CV/resume and personal information once for each requisition. 
To delete your online profile, you may login and go to “Edit Profile,” then click the “Delete Profile” button. 
Westinghouse wishes to remind you that you have a number of rights in respect of use of your Personal Data, including the rights granted under the GDPR, such as the right to obtain access to or copies of your personal data (a subject access request); to have inaccurate or incomplete information about you corrected; and in some cases the right to request that your personal data are erased or no longer used, to request to be provided the personal data about you or to object to the processing of your personal data.  For more details we invite you to read our online privacy statement.
If you have concerns or questions regarding this Privacy Notice or if you would like to exercise your rights, you can contact the Ethics and Compliance group at

7. Revisions to this Privacy Notice
Westinghouse reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice by posting changes to relevant career portal. If you submit additional Personal Data or request to be considered for a position following the effective date of a modified Privacy Notice, your Personal Data will be handled in accordance with the privacy Notice in effect at that time.

Consent Statement
Providing your Personal Data to Westinghouse for recruitment purposes and careers alerts is voluntary. By agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Notice, you consent to the processing of your Personal Data for in the way outlined above, to create your personal Account, to communicate with you, to send you the Job Alerts that you may wish to request, and for recruitment and selection purposes if you apply for job position.

If you are applying for job positions in the UK, by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Notice you also consent to the processing of data about your ethnicity.

Where you are resident outside the United States, by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Notice, you also acknowledge and consent that for the above purposes your Personal Data will be transferred and stored in the United States and, given the global nature of Westinghouse, to other Westinghouse locations around the globe.